Basketballs – Wilson Evolution vs. Spalding TF-1000

First off, both of these balls are top-of-the-line! I really like them both, but they do have their differences. Do keep in mind that both of these are indoor-only balls!

So, at first I was more excited about the Wilson Evolution. I liked the ‘cushy’ feel and the deep channels. The ball was easy to grip and it had a great feel to it. My gym has a few of these balls that get abused daily, and it is a good sign that they have lasted so long. Even though some of them look worse for the wear, they still play very well. But, my ball on the other hand, was pampered. It was never kicked, never abused, and was tucked safely away after use. But, for some reason it began to lose its grip and became almost unusable. It must be a fluke, but it lead me to purchasing a new ball.

Enter the Spalding TF-1000. In highschool, this was the ball to have. If you were early enough to the ball rack you could get your hands on it. I remembered this feeling, and wanted to give ol’ faithful another try. This ball is a classic! It has been around a while, and has stood the test of time. Now, it is a bit harder than the Evolution, but that might lead to increased durability. I would like for the channels to be a little deeper, but it isn’t that big of a deal. The ball does play differently, and it seems like it needs a higher air pressure to maintain its bounce.

If you are considering either of these balls, go for it!

Update: The TF-1000 is still holding up great. This is the ball I would get if I had to choose.

Wilson Evolution
Spalding TF-1000

Some screenshots